Retirement planning

Ensuring a comfortable retirement requires advanced planning and must be structured in a tax efficient manner to ensure that you do not pay half your  lump sum or retirement benefit to the Exchequer.

Company directors, sole traders, self-assessed individuals as well as PAYE workers need to look at their financial affairs in advance of retirement to ensure they have access to their funds and are maximising the reliefs available. Income in retirement is still income and is taxed as such but pensions provide an opportunity to avail of reliefs and allowances, and access tax-free lump sums, if they are structured properly.

Pensions are highly regulated and there are a range of pension products and structures available (SSAPs, SSIPs etc.) – their appropriateness depends on the individual’s circumstances. Company directors have different options to sole traders and owners of unincorporated businesses.

Our tax team are very experienced retirement planners. They have worked with many of our clients, large and small, to structure a retirement plan that meets their needs. If appropriate we engage third party pension experts to advise on investment strategies and actively manage pension vehicles for them up to retirement.

Business owners who are retiring and either selling their business or passing it over to the next generation also need to look at how they can release value from their business tax efficiently. Visit our exiting and family business services pages for further information.


  • Pension planning
  • Pension structuring
  • Long term tax planning
  • Advising on the use of trusts and structuring wills
  • Tax compliance
  • Asset protection – ensure assets are owned in the most appropriate structure and there is a  separation wall between business and personal assets