Reconstruction and reorganisation

A wide range of transactions can have reconstruction elements – as a direct part of the transaction and also indirectly as a result of the transaction. Our tax team can tie in with our advisory team to ensure the tax implications of any reconstruction action are fully assessed.  We can also work independently giving our clients an independent tax evaluation of any reconstruction or reorganisation they are undertaking.

Examples of transactions requiring reconstructions include:

  • Acquisition of a new company, or part thereof, through share purchase or investment
  • The introduction of new investors
  • The sale of a specific business by a company or by a group of companies
  • The separation of a company or group of companies between two or more shareholders
  • The acquisition of another company or part of another company in exchange for shares
  • Extracting value out of the company for shareholders


We assist in clients considering reconstructions and reorganisations by:

  • Structuring the transaction to minimise the tax liability
  • Assessing a transaction under all relevant tax heads such as Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty, Corporation Tax, VAT and Income Tax
  • Negotiating with all stakeholders to expedite the transaction