Corporate tax compliance

Compliance and reporting requirements can place substantial burdens on businesses from both a resource point of view and also keeping on top of the technicalities and statutory filing requirements of tax legislation.

Our corporate tax compliance service can tie in seamlessly with our company secretarial and accounting services for corporate entities or be availed of as a standalone tax compliance service.

We advise on the full range of tax heads, direct and indirect taxes, including employment taxes, property taxes etc. as well as Corporation Tax. Every compliance assignment involves investigating the various reliefs and exemptions available and, as a matter of course, we look at whether any reorganisation could deliver tax savings.

We also look at the potential tax saving available on pensions and the treatment of benefits and expenses as well as other tax savings which may be applicable such as the use of R&D tax credits for the green technology and other sectors, intellectual property and the various tax incentives available. We also analyse their VAT position advising on the most appropriate treatment and whether there are any Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) liabilities.

We work with our partnership clients completing and filing income tax and partnership returns. Some of the advices we deliver would assess the partnership taxes for professional service firms or the management of Withholding Tax for professional service firms who have public sector clients.