Payroll Taxes

Running a payroll function can be a very time consuming and costly process. With the constant changes within the taxation system payroll has become a very challenging responsibility for many employers. Our tax team works closely with our accounting department to provide a cost effective payroll administration solution for our clients which is fully compliant with the tax legislation.

We also advise our clients when setting up their own internal payroll functions or carry out reviews of the existing payroll.


Our payroll tax services include:

  • Calculation of PAYE/PRSI
  • Calculation of pensions and share purchase plans
  • Calculation of benefit in kind
  • Reviewing the application of PAYE/PRSI to non-cash remuneration
  • Determining whether an individual is employed or self-employed
  • Advising on the payment of tax-free mileage and subsistence allowances
  • Advising on the PAYE/PRSI treatment applicable to resident and non-resident temporary assignees, including relocation and related payments