Eoin Ryan


We are experienced in the full range of liquidations providing an efficient and cost effective service.

In terms of preparing to liquidate a company, we offer the necessary advice and support needed to help shareholders through the liquidation process. This applies to situations where the company is insolvent or solvent. The liquidation process is highly regulated; we have devised procedures to ensure the process runs smoothly and cost effectively, all deadlines are met, and reports are filed.

In solvent situations we manage the entire process from preparing the Declaration of Solvency and all the procedural steps necessary for the calling of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). We assist with the necessary filing requirements and statutory notifications, as well as realising the assets of the company and effecting the most tax efficient distribution of any surplus.

In insolvent situations we advise directors on their responsibilities and ensure all statutory measures have been taken to arrange the creditors meeting and prepare the statement of affairs. We are in a position to accept the nomination for the position of liquidator from creditors of companies and have regularly done so, whereby we focus on realising the assets of the company for the benefit of all creditors.

We can also advise clients who are creditors of insolvent companies and worried about recouping their monies, including advising on retention of title where applicable. We can attend creditors’ meetings for clients to ensure their position is protected and included in the order of payment.


  • Solvent – Members’ Voluntary Liquidations
  • Insolvent – Creditors’ Liquidations
  • Insolvent – Court Liquidations