Insolvency appointments


Eoin Ryan


Our Corporate Recovery Partner Eoin Ryan has held many formal insolvency appointments. He has accepted receivership appointments from many of the leading financial institutions operating in Ireland. He has also been appointed statutory receiver by NAMA.

Eoin is also an experienced liquidator, appointed regularly as a nominee of the Revenue Commissioners through the Courts and by creditors as part of creditors’ liquidations.

Samples of Eoin’s insolvency appointments are listed below. Information on specific properties for sale as part of insolvency proceedings are detailed on our properties in receivership page with contact details for the relevant property agents handling the sale.


Dyflin Publications Limited

Baugh Quantity Surveying (In Liquidation)

Elegant Foods Ltd (In Liquidation)

Godfather’s Pizza Leeson Street Limited (In Liquidation)

Paymount Ltd (In Liquidation)


Alvonway Investments Limited (In Receivership)

Carhuh Limited (In Receivership)

Footwear Distributors Limited (In Receivership)

J. Kelly Limited (In Receivership)

Mable Way Limited (In Receivership)

Padlake Limited (In Receivership)

Valmonn Limited (In Receivership)

REFL Construction Limited (In Receivership)

Newgold Limited (In Receivership)

Cendant Limited (In Receivership)

Archway Properties Limited (In Receivership)

Ballynasta Ltd (In Receivership)

Rimgate Developments Ltd (In Receivership)

Flanagan Developments Ltd (In Receivership)

Joyce Walker Properties Ltd (In Receivership)

Efrem Holdings Limited (In Receivership)

Finheat Limited (In Receivership)

Galway City Hostel Ltd. (In Receivership)

Nanor Developments Ltd (In Receivership)

Paddy Burke (Builders) Limited (In Receivership)

Tia Homes Ltd (In Receivership)