Strategic business planning

As accountants we assist our clients in compiling the necessary financial information to meet their statutory obligations and ensure their business is operating profitably. As advisors we help our clients to plan for the future of their business and use this financial information to make sound strategic decisions.

The ability to think strategically and make good decisions is a rare and valuable commodity. Removing yourself from the day to day operations to take a ‘big picture’ approach can be difficult when time and resources are tight and possibly clouding your thinking. Many of the accounting, assurance and advisory services we provide feed in to our strategic and business planning process. Most financial information is only useful at a point in time; its real power is in the decisions and plans it enables our clients to make.

Our business planning service can be accessed as an individual assignment based on our review of the financial statements, management structures and operations of the business. Alternatively it can involve a more detailed strategic review addressing issues within the business or sector and implementing a strategy to achieve an agreed objective such as expansion, sale, exit, downsizing, new product or market development, gaining access to new export markets.