Food and agri business

Many of our senior advisers have personal backgrounds in the agri sector and have built on this by advising operators during their professional careers, this means we understand the sector from the ground up.

Our experience ranges from providing our individual farming clients with accounting and taxation services to fundraising for agri-food businesses under various government supported tax schemes (including BES funds and private placings, and the EII Scheme).

As another heavily regulated sector it is also at the forefront of technological developments ranging from farming and machinery improvements to food production and food technology advancements. It is also in a position to avail of a wide range of government and EU supports once the application and reporting requirements can be met.

All these factors place considerable pressure on operators in the sector to make sure not only are they running their businesses efficiently but also that they are op top of the changes in the sector.


The range of services we provide to our agri clients include:

  • Taxation advisory
  • Audit and assurance services
  • Grant audit and advisory
  • Advice on R&D and innovation reliefs
  • Fundraising (including EIIS)
  • Business planning including forecasting and benchmarking
  • Restructuring
  • Independent business reviews
  • M&A
  • Valuations