Independent business reviews


Eoin Ryan


Lenders are increasingly looking for impartial professional opinion on underperforming businesses, or those no longer in a position to meet their financial obligations, before they decide on a course of action.

Our independent business review (IBR) process involves working closely with all stakeholders to give a forthright commercial appraisal of the business. We engage directly with management and work with them to assess and comment on the current trading situation, the outlook for the business and the sector as well as making strategic, financial and operational recommendations (as appropriate).


  • An appraisal of the complete debt exposure
  • An assessment of the cashflow position
  • A detailed financial model with projections based on key business drivers and assumptions
  • A review of existing management structures and processes
  • A review of the working capital and stock management cycle
  • Benchmarking against budget/business plan figures and industry norms
  • An assessment of the financial reporting systems and processes