Due diligence

A vast array of business transactions require due diligence reviews – mergers, acquisitions, MBO’s/MBI’s, investment and fundraising, among many others. There is also vendor due diligence, operational due diligence and financial due diligence. Cutting through the terminology at its heart due diligence involves assessing the risks and opportunities of a transaction and drilling down through the numbers and elements of the deal to assess whether it stacks up. It has accounting, investigative and commercial dimensions.

Advisors have to be familiar with all elements of the deal, not just the financial statements, but the structure and management of the business, the personalities involved, external market developments influencing the industry as well as issues such as taxation, legal implications, and technological developments to undertake a comprehensive due diligence review.


Our partners have provided due diligence advices to many of our clients in a range of sectors, with our advisory and taxation partners working closely together to provide a seamless and comprehensive service. Our due diligence reports and services involve (as required):

  • Investigating the financial, commercial, operational and strategic risks associated with a business
  • Quantifying risks and advising on mitigation strategies
  • Benchmarking figures and capabilities against industry norms
  • Appraising management structures and controls
  • Assessing projections and financial models
  • Identifying operational concerns, recommending any operational improvements
  • Providing an independent and expert opinion