Systems and controls audit

Companies and businesses need to ensure their systems are working effectively to protect themselves from financial loss and regulatory infringements. Busy SMEs can rarely dedicate all their time, or employ full time professionals, to overseeing compliance and regulation. They need to trust the financial systems they have in place are robust and effective. This will minimise risks such as possible loss of assets and also ensure the financial statements do not contain material errors.

We work with our clients to assess internal controls and provide system reviews. We rigorously assess the systems and controls of the organisation, taking a top-down approach and use national and international benchmarks to ensure they are adequate, effective and appropriate to the accounting and financial risks of their organisation.

Our audit professionals are regulated by Chartered Accountants Ireland and maintain the highest professional standards. We are independent of management and provide objective reviews and reports.


  • Apply for grant aid
  • Secure funding
  • Facilitate restructuring
  • Address reporting or controls issues
  • Assist with mergers
  • Facilitate growth or expansion