Risk advisory

Within the new regulatory environment risk and governance are to the forefront of every business interaction – be that with the bank, the Companies Registration Office, the Revenue, shareholders and indeed customers. They are no longer the responsibility of the proprietor or the board, locked far away from prying eyes – everyone who deals with a business in today’s marketplace expects accountability and transparency. Regulators and stakeholders are no longer acquiescent; they have a duty to act if they feel impropriety is afoot.

Financial risks also pose a real threat to the viability of a business. The range of financial risks in today’s marketplace is alarmingly varied from supplier risk, to capital risks, to insolvency threats, to funding concerns. Business owners are not compliance and risk experts so they need to trust their advisors have the expertise to identify, manage and mitigate risk.

We are in contact with our clients all year so we know their business, this helps us identify potential risks early on and address them. Our audit team are experienced regulatory professionals comfortable recommending sustainable organisational and financial changes in order to secure the future for our clients’ businesses.


  • Manage risk though the medium of our management letter
  • Examine the books and records and the appropriateness and effectiveness of the systems and controls in place
  • Improve business and financial processes to drive efficiencies and cost savings
  • Design and implement appropriate governance arrangements and management reporting to enable effective oversight of risk and compliance
  • Advise on regulatory requirements