Grant audits

To apply for and secure grant funding can be a very challenging task. Time is a very scarce commodity so if a business dedicates time and resources applying for grant aid they need to ensure their application addresses all the required criteria and, if successful, they can provide all the necessary financial information to the funder for the entire duration of the grant.

Some of these challenges for recipients and funders centre around ensuring the accuracy of costs, the reliability of grant audit systems, compliance with terms and conditions of grant awards and overall grant governance. We assist our clients ensuring the financial information they provide captures the necessary level of detail and does not create additional reporting pressures for them.

We also advise on the suitability of grants – there is an array of grant options available ranging from feasibility, employment, capital expenditure to R&D, Research Technology and Innovation (RTI) – we keep up to date on grant sources and funding opportunities so our clients don’t have to. We make the grant application a more straightforward process.


  • Transaction audits
  • Systems audit
  • Compliance audits including EU compliance
  • Risk assessment of grant schemes
  • Grant identification and application