Accounting Services

Here at HLB McKeogh Gallagher Ryan we are a leading provider of accounting services to a diverse client base. Eoin Gallagher leads our accounting team.

Not all clients have the expertise or resources internally to effectively monitor financial performance or compliance. There are a variety of  reasons why certain clients may require external accounting providers - some clients have complex issues which require external expertise while many others believe that engaging a third party accounting provider offers value for money and increased efficiencies.

We can ensure filing and reporting deadlines are met freeing up our clients to focus on running their businesses. We also keep up to date on compliance requirements, legislative changes and accounting standards taking the burden off our clients.

We are ideally placed to offer clients a range of support, advisory and financial services and we provide accounting and outsourcing services to numerous businesses around the country.


  • We understand our clients’ needs
  • We plan the service provision in line with our clients’ requirements and expectations
  • We deliver quality services on time and within budget


We provide the following accounting services:

Accounts production and bookkeeping 

Farm and sole trader accounts


Financial control and management function

For further information please contact Eoin Gallagher